"To Live"

To live in a nameless time surrounded by giants that walk among us is the humble lesson of Beyond War.

To be a giant in a world of small beings, unable to build their own starships or raise their own cities and create their own armies with a single act of will, is the humble element as well.

Because when such titans war against each other, or act, there is rarely warning or notice, and thus a humble peace must be applied which admits all life - lest the ancient life in the Universe see its prey in the open and strike them down. This covert and reserved act of war makes Beyond War a game more like novels of intrigue, and the least powerful pawns the most effective force in a world of supernatural experience and hidden realities.

There can be no peace.

For there can be no time which is forgotten to a technology that spans the creation of the cosmos in perfect retrospect, admitting all to the secrets of the Universe, with the slightest touch.

And there can to such beings at war in the void beyond all light and between the stars and galaxies of the Universe nothing so precious as the innocence and compassion of those not born into war.

It is the struggle of the Old World, and their clinging to power against the resistance of the King of Kings, whose Word made in prayer immortalized and written in the heart of all it extends, a hidden record of the love of one for for the sake of one contrary the benefit and will of all others.

The franchise of this faith destroys the claims of empires and kings, resists all reason and oppression, and endures - even in death - the timeless king and his words. That stars might burn and worlds shatter, but gentle hand protect the cradle of life from which came the purpose of the King.

And in this, each person is equal, human or god, before the supplication of a value we hold for every living being - despite the technology and the horror of war. To simply live in such a time, and know, is both heaven and hell, and that curse not a burden most can bear. Life, in its essence, is simpler than knowledge may permit; and in ignorance some protection imagined better than nothing at all. To some - like the Kai'gi, this is the virtue. To the King of Kings, this is the shackle and the yoke which pulls mankind behind the oppression of other men, women, and children. This struggle - for the right to wake and be free, is the story of Beyond War.

The gift that cannot be borne by any, the burden that must be sought to be held without its weight a crushing grave, the power of the Blood, En Sanguine Seraphim Primo. The very definition of evil and the force from which the Darkness draws back in fear - illumination that burns only from within.

To merely live, whether ignorant or free, is the choice Beyond War brings all its users.


From a game mechanics perspective, the ability to interact and operate in the Beyond War economy and Universe is therefore one subject inflation and translation - identical to our own world in sovereign economic theory - whereby a destabilizing force could utterly smash our economy and security, simply for political ends.

Living in the COVID-19 pandemic panic era, all Americans know this conflict intimately - having lost their freedom due to a biohazard made political and combined with other policies to usurp their rights and suffrage.

The ability to simply leave, to walk away, and to take people with you - is the contest we see in Beyond War, as well as the danger of growing those circles too large - of drawing attention - in a world where monsters lurk behind every shadow waiting to strike down unsuspecting threats. A drama in which the enemy is unknowable and immense, so that players and player interactions - to the smallest of the small - are the central theme of every moment in this guessing game of power, makes itself present.

Macro-economics and efficient transport of goods and materials, refining, and processing of such high technology goods - a monopoly of a very large and advanced technology in our era (A Nameless Time) - is taken away from society and populations mid-way up the 'food chain' of alien life. After which the ability to simply keep close and safe those people you care about and love, and the few possession you can carry, become more important than entire worlds over millions of centuries. Creating in the wake of such conflict a warrior monk and traveler who - with just a few confidants - can and does turn the wheel of history when arrogance or power raises its head in the form of populist acts. And by the deeds so made destroy the many, to preserve the few, or the very idea of virtue.

Stories that, in context to radical socialist values in China and Japan - and increasingly Europe and the metropolitan United States - are offensive in the extreme to a pre-automation society still vying for power afforded only through mass deception of the population and unrestricted population growth. An economy where every baby born and every child becomes a tool for the State, a means, and little more to the economic engine of worlds whose very existence can be ended in a moment - because they place their faith in the utter evil of stopping the 'democracy' that would consume the soul of every living thing at birth.

To live in the belief that the many hold superior right over the dignity of the few, or the one, is to be a prisoner in a Nameless Time. It is the delusion that great works are the product of many, and the value of things inherently linked to the role of workers - not of individual dreamers and creators - or warriors. Because the worker sees this altar upon which they place themselves the gatekeeper for God in substitution and to the subordination of others, as the throne of the masses shared with all who support their tyranny and abuse of their fellow. Like crabs in a bucket, none can be free.

Beyond War examines the application of high technology and advanced physics, from which a small group of individual creators escape this dynamic - and in recognition of the struggle that such industry and its creative forces would create for which democracies and populist movements fear the rise of automation and artificial life, tools which may replace the slavers of yesterday and likewise without ambition set aside their own life when their task is complete - like demons summoned to a war and banished just as quickly on its completion - life cannot bear the thought of such power that is not its monopoly. And from this 'socialism' and other 'protective ignorance' and 'dis-empowerment' of individuals the natural turn of the wheel until the ship itself sinks beneath the waves avoiding every port and all value therein to prefer this endless sea.

There must be value beyond the journey, and joy in the safe harbor found, regardless of the presence of other ports and shores beyond our reach. To be there, in that moment, and alive - is the challenge that Beyond War brings, and like such places - to never forget the ocean left behind.

The technologies of Beyond War are built to raise awareness of the cultural and individual injury of genocide and policies themed complicity with genocide under color of law, for audience ages 24 and up.

As a work of fiction, Beyond War uses several terms to explain to modern culture how their use of defensive claims to normalize genocide are accessory to the actual crime and aggravate such injury. "Beyond War" and "Sanguine" are trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., so registered.