Beyond War is a space war Roleplaying Genre Persistent Online Game (RGPO). The community found that United States public were incapable of having ordinary conversations about the content in 2001-2020 piracy efforts against the firm, and linked the dysfunction to a broad defect in Texas, Illinois, and California school systems preventing normal communication with person under 24 years of age.

It appears the community documents, consistent with 20th Century books and server technical journals and publications, were above the reading level of those territories.

To help make Beyond War accessible to victims of this Chinese education system, who have cognitive dissonance in information not themed in their native authority and limited vocabulary usage, which seeks to patent word use and disbar concepts contrary to ordinary scientific and civil contract definitions like Black's Law and 19th Century hypothesis and reason themed objective dialectic method; the company created numerous 'specific topic' pages for technology in Beyond War and the Beyond War Universe.

The effort to coerce and suppress the work by Texas, Michigan, and California socialist 'progressive' sources, aided by United States courts engaged in active embezzlement from the Treasury of the United States, centralize on an 'endorsement' and 'state authorized claims' as fiat rule; to discredit and deny any rejection of socialist terrorism and gaslighting tactics used to influence the 2020 election and injure persons in 2012 and 2016 elections by the Democratic National Party.

In Beyond War, these community pages focus on the standard objective model: definition, hypothesis, and discussion - as applied to observation from multiple accounts of an phenomenon occurring in a hypothetical and fictional universe; by which the audience (users) are not privy to the actual nature or rules of the physics present, but as a storyteller (administrator) the writers and developers are entitled to withholding of these facts from the public throughout the creative storytelling process.

As in many complex game designs, socialist progressive violence to assume equity and franchise over the content creators - to the extent of using violence to seek and compel the admission of fault or failure to satisfy specific radical viewpoints contrary the writers intent, followed a pattern of censorship and genocide activity prior replicated in the 1930s European Holocaust, with identical violence against real children and family members of the Beyond War writing staff.

This 'social justice' for 'fabricated cause' to carry out violence and separate families of the developers, harm their business, and intimidate investors, made the formation of the community groups for Beyond War, known as SEVEN ALPHA, necessary to continue 1st Amendment criticism by artistic and literary rights prior afforded by the United States incorporation and public law.

To this end, "The Nameless Time" covers the technology of "quantum entanglement in transcoding of high-energy-state information", which provides the protection and recovery of lost culture and history through first-hand accounts and experiences, as well as the mass storage of volumes of human lifetimes in singular objects of any size or mass.

These concepts, and their implications on modern civilization and culture, against which modern socialist extremism as a 'scarcity doctrine' are based falsely on elements similar to lebensraum (living space) in Mein Kampf (My Life, by Adolf Hitler), are an offense to radical socialist culture and religious claims, secular taking theory, and substitution of God and spiritualism with collective welfare and authoritarian tyranny.

The ability to contradict 'authority' by creating or editing 'first hand first-person experiences like memories and direct experience' violate the 'socialist narrative' used to deceive, justify, and coerce the public to support socialist taking and socialist violence.

For this reason, Beyond War was vehemently opposed and members of the socialist movement in the United States took steps to claim its developers were mentally ill, dangerous, deviant, and use every term ever applied to Jews and Blacks over the course of 2001-2020 to achieve this goal.

Beyond War is a complex Universe of science fiction written in resistance to socialist acts of family violence and genocide to extinguish the concept of individual human dignity and integrity of individual life as a value before accommodation and forced taking. The "Namesless Time" is a phrase from which the "ignorance of one's self and history" are evident to an objective observer, as the principles upon which one bases any definition of self are falsified and wholly reliant on deceit, abuse, and projection of blame to justify destruction of the bond between one generation and the next, destroying the integrity of dignity and identity in persons for their exploitation.

To arise form a "Nameless Time" is to be woken from the mesmerized confidence in authorities and facts which are presumed or fabricated to create inferior value and limit or reduce the franchise of a person to act in their own interest; as well as to sustain a false peace under which false protection is traded for acceptance of ignorance as science and truth.

In context to human history, we would most closely apply such loss of prior science and knowledge with the Dark Ages - a period where writing and literacy were lost to lawless barbarity and custom, corruption, and the degradation of human beings through slavery in the direct Roman method and the subsequent economic and class slavery of serfdom. To modern scholars in 2020, the idea that slavery is no longer in existence would be the fraudulent narrative of the same "serfdom" model, as applied to discrimination and abuse to 'discretion' not granted or afforded the courts and state at law, a common practice and themed 'public policy' because the people can be compelled to tolerate it in exchange for security and despite the sacrifice of a few people to injustice.

One could therefore say, we are now living in a "Nameless Time" in America, as of 2001-2020. And the resistance to that ending is the civil unrest now present and propaganda of the Democratic Party using tactics from 'gaslighting' to overt criminal fraud in false claims and persecution under color of law, social media editorializing, and public incitement of violence against persons.

In the past, in human culture, our elders and ancestors were our repository of knowledge. In the 1 AD to 2020 AD period, that repository was in printed material and written works, some passed down in oral tradition or verse or song; a litany of claims.

"The Nameless Time" discusses the digital creation of such 'vast repositories of information' as well as the skewed perspective of individual distinct volumes of these works, made separately from the perspective of different people; and the ability to embed and conceal this information in a manner in plain sight which primitive people may not recognize or access - or fully understand - and without a more advanced knowledge misconstrue as supernatural or mythical in their own word-symbol languages.

The technology does not allow the transfer of human minds from one body to another, or the mass storage and recovery of human minds to other bodies, by which immortality might be achieved. Other technology does, in the Beyond War Universe, accomplish these things - using a similar quantum bridge method, and the consequences are discussed in full across a series of stories and experiences as used by the various races capable of this achievement and in context to ordinary human beings with limited lifespans.

The purpose of the technology is to create a 'lifeboat' from which the dead can speak long after their entire species is destroyed, and install themselves in full the knowledge of their entire community in a single person or object - who is thus empowered to be the arbiter of their will but not their agent or possession, an observer and objective to the data in the object volume; and thus able to exercise a degree of their knowledge and share their feelings without surrender of their own.

This concept of may but retention of 'One' is offensive to collective socialist theology, as it is alien to the 'selfless' value and lack of self identity in the cult. As is it alien to the cult to accept that to be of 'no mind' is not to be without judgment or objective consideration - but to be without malice or prejudice or fear while exercising the full ability to process and experience all emotions in context to the franchise to exercise their authority separate from any endorsement or need for approval or fear of rejection - as if the seat of authority were outside of time and an observer to events as would exist after any outcome and had existed prior any instance - timeless and disconnected from the body of the One in the 'moment'.

Buddhist and Hindu theology identify this as "Nirvana", or "The Godhead" state of being, and Zen Buddhism in Japanese theory of the peace that is present only in the abandonment of the will to embrace the potential value of past and future, which focuses awareness and decision solely upon the sole reality of the moment - free of any negative influence or consequence that the master does not admit to the mind a chosen value and virtue to be applied then.

Where the socialist derives their franchise to act from their peers and from the approval of such actions, for self gain and self-security obtained, does the One obtain in contrast from the experience of all things the ability to let go of such worldly considerations and operate in a pure and objective sense, in a world of virtue not alien to the self or its interest, and in a domain where the balance of such gain or risk is solely the sovereign will of individual election, thereby choosing against coercion or other consequence to act for a cause or purpose which would ordinarily bring the doer pain or death, and to afford the value to such things as it please the doer - not others or consensus of others beliefs.

To be a slave to the value of others, whereby the election and franchise of one's own life and own being were subject subordination and invalidation - is to be alien to this state of mind. To experience this, or the lives of many and the will, dreams, heartache, sadness, pain, violation, and suffering of millions of people instantly and simultaneously, is to destroy the imperfect identity of the ordinary soul who is not yet fully aware of their franchise and in command of their mind, possessed of perfect control.

This technology, therefore, upon being accessed can be like staring into Hell; or walking into infinity, from the perspective of one user; simply overwhelming. While to another, it may be like reading a book or opening a website and entering a search term, ordinary, despite standing in the same emotional hell. The ability to be in this state prior to its access, and degree of access and scope of volume, dictate the experience, and may destroy or traumatize a less developed mind - becoming the stuff of nightmares.

This was the 1996 "Beyond War" technology of "The Nameless Time", and its derived works during 2001-2020 violence against the developers, a form of dilution of content designed to destroy its intent.

While these technologies are not yet readily available to experience, they do provide in written account the description of the powerful tools and equipment at the disposal of many races in Beyond War, as do the ability to 'weaponize' these technologies make the game far more terrifying. That some weapons actually rip your dying mind from your body and replay it along with every other person who has died upon that blade or spear, just one example of such use of this technology when bound to a weapon. Or its use when attached to a hand or finger-tip, make even the slightest touch like that of being thrust into Hell itself; and the design to overwhelm enemies who are experienced at navigating such input also made to disrupt their ability to control what they see and hear when in contact with these weapons.

Beyond War is therefore both a story of archival information, culture, and weaponized cultural narratives; as the information in the volumes are as crafted and narrowly designed as any narrative or persuasive word, and in their nature made to disorient and confuse, torture, and make collective the shared suffering of billions of lives with the taking of each new life.

The ability to copy, duplicate, edit, combine, and revise these data stores - as we do books - further makes their use tremendously contrary what a 'true' record may be, and cannot be in any way more reliable than the books and words we use today; including the variation and change of language and values over time to read them.

In this way, the quest for untouched, ancient, and accurate information persists despite the improvements in technology; and the existence of contrary accounts and their providence a factor in the confusion and conflict that follow in Beyond War.

One such volume is 'The Prayer of Blood', a record kept by all Sanguine and installed upon their making from which their people share the words and language which convey their identity and intent while hiding in the sight of other lesser species, a powerful resource like a war-time code-book, and its encoding too vast and deeply embedded than can be transcribed to other languages or written works second-hand in a thousand lifetimes.

These are the words of the "Sanguine King", the so called "King of Kings", and his testimony to his children.

They are among the most feared words in history, and their utterance in part even, ominous hallmarks to the end-times myths of many cultures, due to the survival of the accounts throughout Nameless Time, of the last witnessed events, experiences, and images of entire species across the Beyond War Universe. Fragments of the hand of an angry God, and memories of his sorrow.

It is said, because of this, why all Sanguine are in their core truly mad - having known his thoughts. It is said, if in this way, he does not live on through the "Word". But it is written, he lives - and the Word is but his promise made eternal and sent to all the Darkness of the void - that he is coming.

Given such words, it is no wonder all who have seen even an instant of this or its derived witnesses draw close to the fire and gather themselves, in fear of the coming of the King.

Concepts unnerve atheist extremists

The prior words, alone, speak to the basic fear and tenants of religions across the globe, in suggesting an alternative narrative to the religions and supernatural accounts of the human experience. This, combined with technology that contradicts the core values of socialism, deeply upsets and unnerves the insecurity and boundary issues which modern radical socialist terrorism rely to compel their identity-based superiority complex and racial prejudice upon.

The very idea that the coming of a force that does not afford them any authority or value, through a method that is beyond their ability to control, and to a force that has shaped every aspect of human evolution like a superior life form which made everything in its will is contrary their narcissism and self-importance.

The inability to abandon the belief that they know the mind of such a force, or that it is intent on their destruction for the knowledge it has of their own inner guilt and ability to piece their deception with a mere touch; or share their innermost thoughts with others like reading a book - is horror to a socialist.

It betrays the narrative of selflessness and exposes the desire, the fault, and the deep inadequacy that usher forth the constant and invalidating behavior we see in modern socialist 'supremacy', as it also suggests a force to which others should fear and obey greater than their own installed and artificial authority.

Socialism derives its confidence form the ability to control and withhold the means of production from those who would resist their conclusions, and through collective labor to install in this ability of works and of products some sense of self that is sorely lacking in the individuals and incomplete in their ability to make the same products without cooperation and collaboration. They are, in may ways, like the artisans of the first Era, prior to the coming of industrial might and machines, an obsolete thing seeking to sustain their utility by smashing the machines of industry in hope of holding back the future which has no further need of them as a collective and in numbers.

Beyond War further drives home this point, with the nanoscale technology of the Sanguine - able to construct large fortresses and great works, reshape land, raise cities from the dirt, and create complex and sophisticated machines and tools without any human or humanoid labor - an industry - stored in a single point in space and time no bigger than an American Dime - and containing enough power and energy to extinguish a star.

Where one person wields such power, what relevance do workers or machines have, but as slaves?

The technologies of Beyond War are built to raise awareness of the cultural and individual injury of genocide and policies themed complicity with genocide under color of law, for audience ages 24 and up.

As a work of fiction, Beyond War uses several terms to explain to modern culture how their use of defensive claims to normalize genocide are accessory to the actual crime and aggravate such injury. "Beyond War" and "Sanguine" are trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., so registered.