Almost by accident, Beyond War struck upon a highly accurate test of narcissistic personality disorder in its design and user balance synopsis.

The fear an abuser has of an authority figure stronger than themselves who can contradict their delusion or abusive projection, and tendency to style all such persons of power or authority as threats, triggers Narcissistic Socialist Personalities.

It is similar to the narcissism evident in 'unity' and 'collective monotheist' extremism, in that the presentation of a figure who wields more power than the collective tribe must be a sympathetic figure who wants to share their knowledge with the innocent and peaceful supplicants - as if such benefit would appear by their inclusion in exclusive power or extreme force only safe if wielded by a parent-like figure.

Both of these issues expose a lot of family and parental dysfunction in United States civilians and Chinese and Japanese citizens, as well as having strong roots of submissive theological extremist submission to authority in radical Islamic and Indian history of government and law.

That a superior power would be benevolent only because it felt compassion or shared value with a developing species, or that it would have moved beyond the conditions of war and inequality made by high population species competition for resources, is both ignorant and child-like.

As is the projection of deep emotionally arrested insecurity and suppressed anger at child abuse and sexual abuse evident in abusive narcissists immediate framework to place in their symbol and language system the "over powered god-like character" as their abuser and enemy, to be challenged and overcome - and in all ways invalidated to affirm the sustained ego injuries of serious trauma and feelings of helplessness which were incorporated in early child sexual assault and abuse.

It was not the intent of Beyond War to do this, but a by-product of its development from Zen and meditative non-engagement theologies - built upon the representation and respect of boundaries and separation of self in the pursuit of enlightenment - by which this egocentric threat to the inequality of power in Beyond War was not immediately recognized.


One party, on hearing that players could destroy cities and planets permanently while other users were in them - exclaimed, "What would be the point if everyone just goes around killing anyone arbitrarily at their will? That's stupid!" and proceeded to make claims of how they would personally kill all the players in the game in typical power-gaming actions without fear of retaliation or any response.

Of course, there are mechanisms and consequences to such issues in Beyond War as a software product and to manage player-abuse of other players. However, the awareness of permanents and the age level of players are both factors which contribute to the consideration of this new type of persistent world, envisioned in 1996 documents for "Celestial Knights", a Beyond War module.

Another party stated that it would be unfair for any player to have the kind of power that was described because it would demoralize the entire player base, citing the conventional games of the time and concepts like 'levels' which do not exist in Beyond War.

Again, this is a 'jump in thinking' from premise to 'presumed execution without regard for unknown factors, by which Hegelian Dialectic Communication (G.W.F. Hegel, 1821) negates the boundary issues to impose its own understanding and expectation of the outcome lacking all context to circumstances or features withheld from players in a proprietary and complex automated and multi-user design, as is the M2OS (Massive Multiplayer Operating System) framework of Beyond War. It is not enough to say "M2OS has means to moderate this", but it is within the scope of the developers to assure the critic that their premise of how this works is clearly not very accurate or very realistic, but obligates no disclosure of trade secrets or mechanisms that a user is expected to discover.

What this confesses, when the Hegelian Dialectic Deflection is stripped away is the desired effect of Beyond War as a premise and in statements to users who are involved and committed to activity in the Universe - a sense of ordinary and reasonable 'fear'.


Fear governs ordinary human interaction. Fear of consequences, whether justified or not, is a factor in ordinary human social behavior. And Fear as a tool in the user-to-user interaction and environmental elements of Beyond War is a core storytelling tool, for which much of the M2OS development has been so made over 1991-2020.

Whereby a user should see a player with this sort of power, and have no means to estimate his degree of power, we have the same interaction that James Allen repeatedly demonstrated in live action theater and storytelling over 1991-2020, upon which Beyond War is fully based.

To know you are in the presence of an enemy who can overcome you, is something different than conducting yourself in the absence of such knowledge or certainty of your actions and conduct being witnessed. In Beyond War there is no security, even in the context of mighty industry and planetary armies and fleets, against a monster that eats stars and crushes whole galaxies with scalar weapon systems that can instantly expand on demand to rise up and fight vast empires, or fall silent and become like ice and stone in an instant on a single word.

To live in such a Universe, where you are forced to play your part in context to others who may be agents, friends, or important to such powers; is to gamble your very life and the life of your entire solar system based on a few crude words.

In context, it is the stick, to the carrot of a sandbox Universe which is designed around the ability to play and explore in a gothic-horror deep space genre of the fragments of thousands of wars and the silence of some undiscovered amnesty made, for which only a few small shelters were permitted to survive.

Indeed, there are entire fleets of warships - weapons armed and fully loaded for all out war - empty of every single sign of life, drifting through space far between the stars. Signs of a cosmic blow that killed every man, woman, and child across the span of hundreds of thousands of light years. The Universe of Beyond War is a graveyard, and the leviathan that struck the blow is nowhere to be found.

Yet we know something of these monsters, of the things they fought, from the records left behind and the common parts of the stories the wise men of those surviving holdouts of man and beast still tell - that across the gulf of many galaxies speak of the same single story.

The Prayer of Blood.

Of A Man, and a Woman. But she died...

Fragments, scattered across the world like shrapnel from a great explosion - embedded in the walls of worlds that were torn apart and left to spin away - victims of forces beyond even the great anchors that hold the Milky Way in its place. Across the open DARK that is the sea between the stars... we find these stories. And the M2OS engine affords that scale and that experience in a way that ordinary spatial systems for traditional games, which define their player areas by fixed stars and maps and 'portals' and 'passes' drawn from the first documents written about these "procedural worlds" by the team behind the M2OS, described in the mid-1990s.

It is a form of world that required a new kind of computer to support, which is why the firm in Oklahoma began working with AMD for multiprocessor support in FX-74 and Socket L technology, culminating in the AM4 socket for home users and sTRX4 socket for servers and workstations.

M2OS employs technology developed in context with Slicehost and Rackspace, to deploy dynamic virtual on-demand instances of compute power themed to manage next-generation scalar adaptive network loads.

These technologies in real-world hardware afford a style of play, when combined with hardware enabled ray-tracing technology first developed with service for Newtek LLC and later soft body dynamics with Luxology LLC of California and Pixologic LLC modeling products, to bring Beyond War and M2OS to a position of 3-dimensional representation and 4-dimensional modular arithmetic not ordinary in traditional OpenGL and DirectX API applications, supporting logic and parallel distributed tasking now widely recognized as a basis for artificial intelligence projects in scientific computing.

Because a man loved a woman, essentially, this was something made and developed for a period of time and contrary the trending effort of major firms like Microsoft to block and disable the technology and essential systems of our project over 2001-2020. Our entire sound system and partner products for the high-end audio multiplexer technology were literally RIPPED out of our client platform without notice when Windows 10 was force-deployed on U.S. customers against their will, breaking millions of computers prior pledged a client base for our M2OS product.

Despite this, the story of Beyond War as a work of fiction did not diminish under criminal coercion to reduce its pledge of next-generation fidelity and scale to meet console and conventional x86_64 Win64 architecture and design demands, looking to Linux and Kernel 5.x technology improvements to bear out failure of the Microsoft Corporation to sustain support for its products and servers beyond a 5 year term.

Critics, therefore, who suspect the delays are caused by the technical difficulty of performing the features pledged in Beyond War are grossly incompetent of the supply-chain and anti-trust aspects combined with Microsoft Corporation acquiring a derived technology during this abuse in effort to allege patent rights not present and previously discussed in the 1998 hiring for Beyond War, using linear library C++ data struc and quaternion alternatives to gimbal lock which were outline by the Beyond War API team in recruiting in the State of Texas and State of Oklahoma previews.

Without the technology in M2OS that such product claims later then incorporated during duress against developers were so filed, the features remain difficult for developers using the competitor API to accomplish. We have seen scale, but nothing on the order of magnitude or persistence and freedom of movement proposed in the M2OS platform and logistics model for spatial data structures and handling.

A Universe that is, literally, big enough to get lost in - and small enough to die in - while experiencing ordinary goals and operating with the logistics difficulty originally explained in the 1990s among player versus player crafting and fabrication talks for confidential hire in Dallas Texas.

Unfortunately several foreign companies have attempted to implement direct adaptation of those documents, and their solutions - while novel - are not complete or stable in analysis despite 2003-2020 operation on inferior IBM provided dedicated blade servers, a substitution for the fully scalable architecture of Beyond War and a single seamless vast Universe for all players. Proprietary technology in that has not been implemented, and communications to attempt to hire and threat to sell directly adapted technology by those firms makes their actions and those countries aiding their theft prohibited from access or registration without state ID in the Beyond War product and its service.

The barrier, it seems, arose not from player community violence, balance, or abuse - but from real-world efforts to duplicate and resell discoveries themed scientific plagiarism in fraud to create false patents and false registration using Python and other languages paired with false claims of performance and capability to deceive investors and Royal Bank of Scotland, among many defrauded in this $100 million abuse of International law.

The support for this fraud appears to fall along Chinese Communist Party lines, with such groups and their representation using such names openly to act in this fraud, a form of industrial espionage dating back to 1998.

Despite this, the M2OS technology is finally reaching its equipment hardware milestone some 20 years after initial kidnapping to perpetual concealment of family members of the developer, and moving ahead as a part of the Great Chickasaw Nation Reservation - independent of the United States and other foreign claims against the trade secrets there present and immune from theft or false claims of royalty or other use by emulation and false design.

Students of copyright and C++ code abuse to seek to apply intellectual property claims to new forms of mathematics are familiar with this form of dispute, as a serious form of investment fraud common in the 19th and 20th Century, and in fact the effort to discredit and defame Beyond War based on the offense such empowerment of individual players and community power structure represent to socialist states and radical countries values and religious theocracies is immediately evident.

After all, how can values regarding common work and collective labor and product mean anything when an enemy has the resources and power to disrupt entire solar systems, shatter areas of space, and burn the very life from a warship over light years away from its position in an instant and without warning?

Fear - is the only word that is suitable. Fear, and the empty plates and dinner settings at the captain's table, with no trace of struggle or bodies or even the uniforms the vast crews of those fleets wore when they disappeared where they stood at their duty stations.

Against such weapons, even the Gods of legend and myth would tremble - for they are beyond the power of any we possess or understand now - and liken to the first atomic bomb being detonated by the United States to religious and industrial powers that prior relied on their "blood and iron" to overcome the enemy by numbers, will, and brutality - an empty threat against a gun that can destroy a galaxy.

The scope of Beyond War is a Universe.... spanning multiple Galaxies. This concept alone is unprecedented and beyond the scale of traditional 'static' games. The systems, mechanisms, and player interaction tools are - likewise - built around a cultural system whereby the players, not the developers, name the places and systems they discover - and such information and tradition a fundamental part of the fabric of the game community as well as subject a degree of moderation and mature character of players and very powerful characters, similar to the administrators of tabletop roleplaying games, between whom the collective actions of communities of non-player-characters orchestrate broad activities in an ongoing multi-layer storyline guided by player actions.

This form of sustained supported persistent dynamic world is, on face, bigger than the biggest player threat, until you begin to read the Prayer of Blood and realize that same thought predicated the Cataclysm written about in 1996 by Beyond War, the event that wiped out the majority of life in the Universe.

Beyond War has been a core element, with flagrant evidence of plagiarism down to language and fashion, by multiple corporations of foreign states. Despite this, no such act shall bar its publication or impair it as a business enterprise whole created on Native American Reservation soil. It may have required moving the boards of a state to make room for Beyond War in McCrist v STATE OF OKLAHOMA, but it is done.

So mote it be.

To Fear of One - You are Outnumbered by One

Where an entire alliance or player coalition may be outnumbered by a few or even one player, armed with the weapons of Beyond War, conduct in the Universe is much different than that of predatory populist 'recruiting-to-win' games like most console and space war persistent titles now on market. Guilds in early games were limited in size to promote diversity, while later games permitted unlimited guilds to make entertainment products for teens into actual 'work, recruitment, and online-job-like competitions that had no real substance, story, or end'. Everything is a quest, a grind for status, or a waiting game to be the best by buying the knowledge. These traits are not elements of Beyond War and never will be.

The joy of play is from the unique value of each character an their unique abilities, which are subject to discovery - not design - by each player. From this, we see people who are very proud of their chosen vocation but perhaps TERRIBLE at it... and others who are unwilling in their area of practice but supernatural in its performance. This is contrary the 'commodity' model of socialist human resources, and admits unique value in each character created - both in its player and in its creation. This arises from the Christian Western theology behind Beyond War, which differs from other socialist products and services, common core education themes, and failure to understand or admit credit for individual value in the socialist model of values and systems of community as center to definition of value for a society.

For Beyond War, each individual life matters - and to that end, no two individuals can be replaced by any other. Not completely. These relationships are built into the system, represented in a way that is express and compliments players play-styles, and affords to those players such benefits as cannot be found in class based or level-based progressive game theory, which is individual rather than goal-oriented.

To have a character in such a Universe is to be personally engaged in the presence of that online life, and to lose that life is to lose something. For this reason, and due to the stress caused by loss with permanence, we require our users be of at least 24 years of age - affording them some experience in relationships in the real world and in real-world loss and consideration of other people to participate. There are still evil characters, pirates, war lords, and hostile players. But the requirement affirms that we need not be remorseful or considerate of minors playing in games that permit such 'power gaming' at the expense of others or create conditions that protect the same player from loss and penalties for being repeatedly killed over and over by other players for good cause.

Certainly, players will *hate* some notorious players, and communities will organized to destroy and hunt down players that deserve to die. But that the nature of this interaction to specific mission and cause motives will incentivize players who choose to be evil to be rewarded for their role in the 'play', as well as players who choose to be 'good' in their pursuit of them, compliments the design of Beyond War with context to the extremes and complex conditions created by its model.

Any person who has ever experienced a tabletop roleplaying game combining good and evil characters on a quest or in a party will appreciate this very old-school approach to the tentative association and goals of players, and may wish to also look to Steve Jackson Games 'Paranoia" for examples of the joy and fun this style of frienemy play may bring to a small group - similar to Beyond War.

The combination of this genre, only seen in copy-cat games trying to beat the franchise to market as an alternative selling point, does not carry the same weight in a balanced system as it does in the supernatural scope and scale of Beyond War, but in adopting simple systems and emulation of well known tools and models, like stock trading - impressed investors enough to ignore broken promises and hostility which expose a simple plagiarism of the M2OS technology in side-scroller and Wing Commander -like rip-off titles produced for over 15 years.

In many ways, these efforts show the flaws in relying on Unreal Engine 4 or other platforms to try to deliver a similar experience, and prove we made the correct choices as a C++ developer to focus on gcc and Linux based server technology in long-run operation for Beyond War, reliance on Redhat Labs platform, and client software built to afford independent platform crossover API communications for cross-platform client multiplayer joint systems.

The disappointment they have brought by gross mismanagement to such systems is expressly clear support of the commitment to customer service and active support of a paid mature online persistent world and 'serious games' for adults, for which online content producers and audiences are ready to serialize and adapt into the entertainment schedule of the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown. The ability to see real loss and real competition, discovery, and community among users in an interactive media, makes traditional television and trite "social justice" racially polarized media common in content for American audiences seem tame and mundane in comparison.

To imagine when watching a program - the team that plays is not evenly matched, outnumbered, or even reduced to one last survivor - but the technology affords them the ability to engage in activity that can still overcome massive odds. This is the 'underdog' story we have all been waiting for, and the mystery as to who is possibly the galactic-class monster in the small party, watching and waiting to see if he likes anyone or save the day when no one is looking - is itself worth the wait (1991-2020) in developing a new genre of online entertainment for both players and audiences.

The technologies of Beyond War are built to raise awareness of the cultural and individual injury of genocide and policies themed complicity with genocide under color of law, for audience ages 24 and up.

As a work of fiction, Beyond War uses several terms to explain to modern culture how their use of defensive claims to normalize genocide are accessory to the actual crime and aggravate such injury. "Beyond War" and "Sanguine" are trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., so registered.