By now we hope you understand the community, the social dynamics, and the intended audience and consumption for our product and the term "NAMELESS TIME". To further put this into perspective, and keep our information as brief as possible, comes "Battlefield", a discussion of your present life in 2020 on Earth as compared to the Beyond War Universe.

To fully appreciate the scale, scope, and depth of Beyond War, one must either have read a lot of pulp fiction and dime store detective novels, like the Maltese Falcon and Casablanca, or stop and look around at the world we live in today in 2020 under lockdown for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Specifically, most modern humans in the United States and China believe this is a 'very modern time' and technology has 'never been better', because of the introduction of the computer processor in the 1970s and optical data in the 1990s to create high speed video on demand over the Internet by 2020.

In contrast, the use of long bows and armor giving way to gunpowder in the latter 1500s to 1700s seemed quite the same change from our present day. In 30 years we have fought wars with tanks and automatic weapons that made our prior World Wars 70 years prior seem archaic and brutal; yet have we come so far?

These events, which we consider contemporary, are evidence of a NAMELESS TIME. A time when a society or a planetary civilization utterly loses its origins and descends into superstition and loss of all knowledge over a 20,000 to 30,000 year period. A blink of an eye to a Sanguine warrior, watching over the whole solar system, from one conflict to another every 66 million years or so.

To such an observer, who holds a key to impart the knowledge of 2 billion years of constant war upon any person he so chooses, the struggles of a small colony of human beings learning to shape sand into primitive circuits and write information on crystals in crude binary hardly registers. But with a handshake, she could bestow upon any of those living animals a glimpse of the fire that created their solar system and the forces that seized and flung stone into orbit around their planet as a shield against incoming strikes intended to kill everything on the surfaces, or walk through walls and show you caverns and wonders that the people of the surface could never see - just five miles down below the ground upon which they spend their entire lives.

The quiet, and the relative peace, through which dragons do not dot the sky and wolves twice the size of men walked through their forests and rivers, are beyond fantasy to these people. For if they ever did exist, all evidence of their bones and all mention of their name do not remain.

And no one in this shadow of a crater carved across the face of an otherwise ordinary rock would ask why it remains so brittle and diverse, teaming with life, covered in diversity. Some of it fascinating. Others, downright terrifying. No matter the beliefs they form, not one would look upon the beauty and the wonder of Earth and say - "this is a battlefield."

Ruins and Tanks

There are no ruins, no cities burned to stone, no fallen temples... no signs of power or advanced civilizations. No tunnels running miles under cities carved by no one the people above remember or recall; nor any places that they cannot go which have not been 'explored' in the five-mile-deep layer of the little planet covered with water. None at all.

There are no tanks, scattered and broken upon the fields. No titans holding up the world whose hand prints are pressed into the walls of the desert sands in Egypt or South America, and no reason to believe that should such great empire ever have existed - that it would not be marked by the many bodies of the vast population required to build such things with their own hands and over years of human labor.

A bacteria likely thinks the same thing of a human it infests. While the host feels only a slight fever, and occasionally suffers a mild fever to kill off the parasite without even thinking at all, a reflex that has worked for billions of years.

The very idea of what it takes to create civilization, industry, and the ability to travel in space or above the clouds - or below the Earth, is simply alien to the mind of the infestation upon the surface of the planet. And the planet, is just a stepping stone to the lone soldier who strides from body to body as we might cross the stones on a river, careful not to tip them over and lose their footing - a practice that softens their appearance and give false comfort to the myriad of life that shelters underneath each stone.

The very idea that a weapon or a force - or a single soldier - could wipe away all evidence of life - so much so that not even the bones remain, is beyond the capacity of the time organism on the planet to appreciate or imagine. It is, after all, something that has not happened in its lifetime or the prior ten lifetimes of the species, and so - is lost from the record, a myth - a story told to scare little children.

Earth is, to us, what the native untouched islands of the Pacific were to the armies of World War II. Stepping stones in a much larger war. An observation post, only, of no real strategic value to hold. A place to go and blend in, for billions of years, and watch the Universe go by in a much more important struggle against a much larger foe.

Peace - is an illusion. "That which is static, cannot hold." So it is written in The Prayer of Blood.

The Shadow that Walks

For such a soldier to have endured, much less to walk among the people of this world, both human and dinosaur, it must have had the ability to be taller, shorter, longer, stronger, go on two legs or on four... to be indistinguishable from any animal or life on the planet, and to retain all its power and ability when it did so - moving alone from time to time from world to world and in-between. That we do not see it, or recognize it, or throw it a piece of bread or some spare change while walking by it sitting by its cup on the street, is the greatest power that it possesses. To be one of us, in this NAMELESS TIME, and to watch over us from a place so close we could not decide who our enemy even was.

And from this and its indiscretion, from its momentary tendency to forget the years gone by, and from its occasional lapse into sentimentality, to millennia prior, as are all feeling and thinking creatures prone - do we see lizard men, dragons, werewolves, monsters that rise from the lakes and disappear again, and the shadows that move along the wall but have no shape to cast them. Legends of the Chickasaw, the Cherokee, the Choctaw, and the Apache.... of the night soldier - the Owl - the one who watches.

Yet we, a people of so little memory, dismiss this... for we do not want to see what sits upon our wall.

Then comes the Morning Star

Comes then the day that the night gives way and an enemy the brightness of a star falls to Earth, callous in its approach and careless for its nature, a young soldier of the enemy of the King. And in that place makes claim upon the world we know and to burn the kingdoms and princes of the Earth and tear open the old seals to all its sacred places that we could not go, makes their hand upon the very air a presence of its claim against this world.

And in that moment, silence falls and shadows move, grasping this usurper and with no hesitation or remorse his heart torn from his body there before the multitude of his thralls and those who took a knee - in grotesque and bloodied act destroy the enemy of mankind - giving then no warning and no quarter a fatal and single blow. Not that we should know his name, or in his visage make our supplication, but for the principle that he love our people, the peace made here, and war between such monsters both as furious as it is fleeting, a blink of an eye to a human being, annihilate all that was touched and tainted by the beast who entered into the garden of our world.

Not because we deserve it. But because he is fond of our kindness, and ten cents someone put in his cup; the hand of God destroys the end to our world again - in an instant - for the love of a passing child and her compassion.

This is Beyond War. And Earth - is a Battlefield, in a Nameless Time.

The technologies of Beyond War are built to raise awareness of the cultural and individual injury of genocide and policies themed complicity with genocide under color of law, for audience ages 24 and up.

As a work of fiction, Beyond War uses several terms to explain to modern culture how their use of defensive claims to normalize genocide are accessory to the actual crime and aggravate such injury. "Beyond War" and "Sanguine" are trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., so registered.